Paper Helicopter Experiment

Download custom paper helicopter PDF templates built according to your own measurements.

Adjust the paper helicopter design by choosing parameters and factor levels, and generate the corresponding PDF file with different size paper helicopter templates produced based on your design matrix.

Generating Paper Helicopter Template in different sizes

  1. Select the number of paper helicopter templates to generate.
  2. Customize the paper helicopter design according to the requirements of your paper helicopter experiment project by adjusting parameters and factor levels in Table 1, if needed. Feel free to alter the default factor labels A, B, C, etc., by substituting them with your preferred letters.
  3. Populate the design matrix in accordance with the experimental runs that you plan to carry out. In the design matrix, each row corresponds to a different paper helicopter, and each column, labeled with letters A, B, C, etc., represents the factor from Table 1 that affects the paper helicopter template dimensions. The cell at the intersection of a row and a column will contain either a '-' or a '+', indicating the level of the corresponding factor for that particular paper helicopter. The design matrix defines the specific configuration for each paper helicopter template that will be generated in the final PDF.
  4. Click "Submit Order" to generate the PDF file containing paper helicopter template in different sizes, tailored according to your own dimensions and choice of factor levels in the design matrix. Here is a paper helicopter template pdf* that demonstrates the kind of output to expect.
  5. Download and print the PDF containing your custom paper helicopter templates, ready for assembly and experimentation. Follow the guidelines on the Design and Assembly page for assembling your paper helicopters.

*Note: This PDF contains two distinct paper helicopter templates: one with all '-' factor levels, and the other with all '+' factor levels, respectively. These templates are provided for illustrative purposes only and cannot be used in a paper helicopter experiment that adheres to the default values given in Table 1 - these templates were built using different values for the parameters and factor levels, see the cover page in the PDF file.

Quantity: Design matrix:
click on the cells to set + or - levels
Email Address (optional)
# Factors Levels
low ( - ) high ( + )
Wing length
Body length
Body width
Paper clips
Folded wings
Taped body
Taped wings
Parameters Values
Wing width
Middle body height
Fold offset
Fold tilt
Body layers
Tape width
Spin direction
Print labels
Table 1:Adjustable paper helicopter design parameters and factor levels. This table allows you to customize the paper helicopter design. Ensure that the chosen values remain consistent throughout the entire paper helicopter experiment project. You may also modify the factor labels (A, B, C, etc.) to better align with your project terminology.

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